Jevin Sackett, Founder and Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn

Jevin Sackett, CEO of Sackett National Holdins, Inc.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the privately held Sackett National Holdings (SNH), Jevin Sackett oversees organization strategy, firm governance as well as providing leadership to the Business Strategy and Transformation Group.

Under Mr. Sackett’s leadership, the organization has delivered over 20 years of consecutive positive returns; between 2000-2009, SNH experienced annualized returns of 42.9%, and annualized returns of 40.1% between 2010-2016. In addition to Mr.Sackett’s role on the company’s Board of Directors, he is an active board member of Sperian Energy, SettlementOne, Sackett Business Group (SBG) and is a current member of SNH’s Investment Committee; in addition, he serves on the company’s Venture and Seed Investment Committee.

Given his personal interest in support of underprivileged children, Jevin is also a strong proponent of exploring the business opportunities presented in developing countries, and currently supports a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and families both in the US, and internationally. An FAA-licensed pilot, Jevin is also an avid aviation enthusiast.