SNH’s portfolio of companies include:

National Credit Center (NCC): Since 1996, National Credit Center (NCC) has been providing the automotive industry with comprehensive data, software and marketing solutions that help automotive dealers increase sales, drive user engagement, and improve operational efficiencies. NCC state-of-the-art data solutions include a range of credit and compliance solutions; its automotive software solutions include EZ APP, TradeVue and CreditVue.

AimLogic: Developer of the predictive technology suite LogicTargeting, AimLogic provides automotive dealers with specific information enabling them to connect with potential customers–in their geographic area–that are most likely to purchase a vehicle within the next four to six months. The innovative–and proprietary–suite of technological solutions AimLogic provides auto dealership clients is unmatched; AimLogic offers a vital tool for dealers seeking to target their sales efforts to the most likely potential customers in their region.

Type A Studios: A design agency renowned for creativity, innovative design, brand strategy and superior customer service, Type A Studios has executed complex digital asset campaigns for worldwide distribution in partnership with renowned entertainment companies. The agency also specializes in traditional design—from key art development and packaging design, to production and interactive.

PeopleFacts: For over 30 years, PeopleFacts has remained a national leader in the employment background screening industry. With unsurpassed customer service, PeopleFacts provides companies nationwide with state-of-the-art employment background screening products and services that help ensure the quality of their employees, as well as complete company compliance with employment regulations. PeopleFacts offers clients a simple, secure online service for requesting and retrieving background checks, as well as viewing and accessing all archived reports.

SettlementOne: SettlementOne provides credit reporting, property valuation, flood certification, title, compliance documents and closing services to U.S. banks, mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers and credit unions. The company specializes in providing convenient bundles of these services to these mortgage industry clients. Established in 1996, SettlementOne is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of mortgage data, providing financial institutions and consumers with secure, efficient and cost effective solutions that streamline the mortgage origination and lending process. SettlementOne offerings include data, valuation and software solutions, with specific products such as LendSecure, RediQual and AppraiserZone.

Sperian Energy: Sperian Energy is a retail energy provider serving residential and commercial customers in multiple states across the country where the energy market has been deregulated. Sperian Energy focuses on exceptional service, innovative technology, and competitive pricing in order to add value and provide exceptional service to both current and future customers nationwide.

ElevatedReach: ElevatedReach provides clients with leading-edge digital marketing and advertising services. Utilizing the latest technology and software, in combination with highly skilled marketing professionals, the company is able to accelerate clients’ businesses. The mission and goal of ElevatedReach is to provide the best digital marketing and advertising services and technology to small and medium sized businesses through a single, fully managed marketing platform. This service allows small to medium sized businesses to dominate their competition online and offline by using big data driven advertising techniques and conversion focused design.

Avendas: The Avendas digital marketing platform uses predictive marketing analytics to turn big data into actionable, comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. Avendas drives one-to-one marketing interactions by allowing customers to personalize their marketing campaigns with richer data and more actionable information about their audience. Using our proprietary algorithm, we identify your intent-driven customers. With consistent and relevant messaging, Avendas converts your prospects into customers.