As a privately-held enterprise, Sackett National Holding (SNH) focuses on investing in targeted companies, and partnering with best-in-class management teams seeking to attain their full potential.  As a private firm whose investments are concentrated in three strategic industries—software, business services and IT—SNH invests in a portfolio of companies focused on long-term value creation.

Based on more than two decades of investment and operational success, SNH uncovers value by investing in companies within our areas of proven expertise; our portfolio companies serve as growth platforms in their vertical markets, and our business experience and investment decisions contribute to ensuring optimal results and return on investments.  With our ability to utilize and build upon the growth platforms in our strategic vertical markets—SNH has a unique capability to be far more flexible and competitive than conventional private equity firms in valuing potential add-on acquisitions.

SNH provides more than just capital to the companies we choose to invest in; our goal is to ensure operational excellence, increased revenue and perspicacious leadership to our portfolio companies—all with the long-term goal of achieving value creation.