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For over a decade, SNH has operated its wholly owned subsidiaries in some of the most exciting and dynamic industries throughout the nation. SNH’s portfolio of companies includes National Credit Center, SettlementOne Credit, SettlementOne Valuation, SettlementOne Screening, and Sperian Energy.

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Our Companies

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With its headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, SNH and its subsidiaries also maintain offices in California. Each of SNH’s 5 operating entities support customers across the nation with service centers operating from 6am PST – 5:30pm PST. Although each entity’s daily operations are extremely diverse from one another, SNH has had tremendous success with streamlining overall management of activity with its Swiss Watch Strategy (“SWS”). The SWS program requires each entity to maintain an overall level of achievement within several commonly defined business management categories in order to reach the program’s Gold Standard designation. One of the SWS program goals is to ensure that at all times each entity is meeting or exceeding the expectations of their customers within each of their respective service related operating areas.